Simple Facts on Wool Fabrics

Most online yarn shops have in favored on wool fabrics. Yarn enthusiasts agree that wool creates a distinction among the other yarns available in the market. Normally, wool is taken from sheep however, one of the best online yarn stores began not only to help hundreds of families in Nepal and India, they wanted to connect yarn enthusiasts to the entire world and introduce them to the fabric from llamas in chile. The Royal Llama paved its mission to support farmers who do not have the opportunity to earn a living. They have developed a hypo-allergenic, incredibly soft, and non-itchy fabric. Just as the wool fibers that consists of hardened protein and most of all, these fibers do not contain any sensory structure. 

Shearing a Sheep


Stores that sell yarn may be familiar of the facts with regard to wool fibers. Perhaps, you are aware that wool fabrics shrink when you put it in the dryer. That's what you call as felting. You may want to learn on how to care for any wool items and garments to avoid this upon washing. Why is this happening? Remember, wool contains amino acids. This simply means, these are protein building blocks. The protein found in wool fibers, harden or otherwise known as keratinized protein such as those found in fingernails and hair. As the sheep is sheared, wool is then processed. Fibers then begin to mix according to their orientation. In addition, scale edges starts to point in opposite directions. 

Why does wool shrink?

Unlike those cheap knitting yarns, producing wool fibers and fabrics is a little complex when you do not understand the beauty behind this wonderful material for your project. As the wool is spun into yarn, fibers begin to be in close contact. Keep in mind that when wool is exposed to moisture or perhaps agitation, fibers starts to slide with each other however, this only happens at the edges on the scales. As they come together, never allow them to slide back else, this will lock the fiber into a new position. Remember, there are hundreds and thousands of fibers in the wool come in contact with each other and lock into a new position. This causes the shrinking of the item or garment. So, you may notice as you wash and dry a wool project, most likely, it is not in its usual shape and size. Although there is an available yarn shop online where you can directly buy the perfect yarn for your project, but working on your own project makes a lot different. It may not be easy as how you see professionals spinning fibers, but the fun and the fulfillment of creating a wool garment or item from scratch.


Safety Precautions

These kinds of fabrics should be washed often in order to remove any chemicals used during the process of creating yarns and even in completing a project. Although a lot of people claim that they are allergic to wool, not to mention that this is the reason they buy yarns at the shop rather than spinning your own fiber, it is an enjoyable challenge to create, spin your own wool yarn and complete a project made of wool. 

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